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Haunt Supply's Flicker Controller

Haunt Supply's Flicker Controller

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Master the Shadows: Unleash Haunting Lighting Effects with Haunt Supply's Flicker Controller

The flicker controller boasts features and specifications that contribute to its reputation as an excellent choice for haunted houses:

Input Voltage Range: Accepts a wide input voltage range of 9-24 VDC, providing flexibility in power sources.

Output Voltage Range: Offers an output voltage range of 9-24 VDC, aligning with the input voltage and ensuring compatibility with various haunted house setups.

Connectivity: Equipped with five 1.3mm x 3.5mm DC power jacks. Includes five 1.3mm DC right angle power plugs rated for 24V, 2A. Device power input connector included.

Individual Control: Allows individual output mode and brightness control for each connected light source, enabling precise customization of flicker patterns.

Group Mode (Optional): Provides an optional group mode to output the same effect and brightness across multiple lights.

Trigger Input: Features a trigger input for dynamic effects, allowing for external triggers to enhance the haunted house experience.

Relay Mode (Optional): Switch between Flicker and Relay mode easily. Relay mode allows for custom recording of automation to control props or lighting. Record up to 255 on/off (high/low) commands with near unlimited timing between each command.

Status Indicators: Equipped with status indicator LEDs to provide visual feedback on the operating status, making it user-friendly and easy to monitor.

Protection Features: Incorporates overvoltage protection up to 80V, overcurrent protection per output of 1.5A, and a device input overcurrent protection of 8A, ensuring the durability of the controller and connected devices.

These specifications highlight the versatility, control options, and safety features of Haunt Supply's Flicker Controller, making it an ideal choice for creating captivating and spooky lighting effects in haunted houses.

What's included:

4x phillips screws #4 ¾”, 1x base, 1x cover, 1x mini phillips screwdriver, 1x mini flat head screwdriver, 5x DC plug connectors, 1x replacement fuse; 8A; Fast Blow; 5mm x 20mm, 1x Side Panel Insert. 

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