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Q: Can my device be used with pyrotechnic machines?
A: No. EFR Systems™ does not manufacture any devices that are intended for use with flammable or other hazardous materials.
Q: Does my device contain any lead or other hazardous materials?
A: All devices are made with lead-free parts and electrical components. All parts that come into contact with fluid meant for use in an effect machine are non-hazardous. A full list of materials used can be found on each product page.
Q: What type of power can my device handle?
A: Most devices are capable of handling 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 1.2A Max. Refer to the notice on your device and/or reference the operator's manual for additional information.
Q: Is my device IP rated?
A: All devices are made with IP rated parts and enclosures. Refer to the "Ingress Protection" drop down menu on each product page for more information.
Q: Is my device controllable with DMX?
A: No, not currently. Only plug in the recommended EFR Systems™ devices into the XLR mounts. Plugging any other device into the XLR mounts can damage your device or other equipment and will void the manufacturer's warranty.
Q: Can I return my device or get a refund?
A: EFR Systems™ will accept conditional returns during a 14 day period after delivery. Please refer to the Refund Policy for more information. Some products cannot be returned and will have a disclaimer.
Q: Does my device have a warranty?
A: All products purchased from efr-systems.co come with a 1 year limited warranty. An extended warranty is available for an annual fee. Please refer to the Warranty Policy and/or the Warranty Card that is included with your product.
Q: Is my device safety certified?
A: To verify if your device is safety certified, please check for the UL Listed logo on the top of its product webpage, in the user manual, or on the device itself.