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EFR Systems started its life as a personal project. With a little creativity and a product that was little more than a prototype to rely on, our founder, Andrew Smith discovered a new opportunity to make SFX fluid refills easier.

Rather than constant manual refilling or waiting for unreliable and inconsistent gravity-fed supplies, they developed a novel EFR (Effect Fluid Reservoir) pump system. What started as just a personal project rapidly evolved into an idea that could make working with effect systems easier for everyone involved in the industry. As such, EFR Systems launched the EFR Reservoir 4.5 – which would set the ball rolling for developing new prototypes and products to make the lives of entertainment technicians easier overall.

Circuit Board

Simplicity has always been at the heart of everything EFR Systems creates. As such, each new prototype is designed to help make life easier and more efficient for its customers going forward.

We continually refine our designs, eliminating unnecessary complications and focusing on what truly matters: performance, reliability, and ease of use. By listening to customer feedback and staying attuned to their needs, we ensure that each iteration of our products better serves their requirements and expectations.

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As we look to the future, EFR Systems will continue to uphold these principles, striving to create innovative, user-centric solutions that enhance efficiency and simplify the lives of our customers.

Don’t settle with or suffer through outdated systems; choose professional solutions instead.