Elevate Your Special Effects: How High Placement and EFR Reservoir 4.5 Increase Efficiency

Elevate Your Special Effects: How High Placement and EFR Reservoir 4.5 Increase Efficiency

When it comes to special effects machines, placement can make all the difference. Elevating special effects machines, such as fog machines or haze machines, can greatly increase their efficiency and control over their output.

When placed at ground level, the effects can be affected by floor level air currents, causing the output to be dispersed and diffused. By placing the machines higher up, such as on a truss, the output is directed away from the ground, allowing for better control of the direction and spread of the effect. This can create a more dramatic and effective display, as well as reducing the chance of the effect being disrupted by ground level air movement. Additionally, elevating the machines can also help with safety concerns as it can reduce the chance of tripping hazards or the effects being obstructed by other equipment or people.

But with the higher placement comes the problem of refilling their fluids. It can be a real pain to have to manually refill special effects machines that are placed up high. That's why EFR Systems has designed an innovative solution to this problem, the EFR Reservoir™ 4.5.

The EFR Reservoir 4.5 is an automatic special effects fluid refilling system that eliminates the need for manual refilling. It is designed to work directly with special effects machines no matter where they are placed, making refilling quick and easy.

Moreover, automating the refilling process not only saves time and money but also improves morale for employees by reducing the need for manual handling of fluid.

In summary, placing special effects machines up high can increase their efficiency and reduce downtime. But it can be a pain to refill their fluid. EFR Reservoir 4.5 is a solution that can solve that problem by automating the refilling process, making it quick and easy, while also improving employee morale.

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